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Down Payment Assistance

Saving money for a down payment is one of the biggest obstacles in buying a home. To help overcome this challenge, we offer ZERO DOWN PAYMENT loans. Additionally, the closing costs and prepaids can be partially covered by the seller, allowing buyers to purchase a home with a minimal upfront investment. This makes homeownership more accessible and achievable for many.

Stop Paying Rent!
If you pay $2,000 a month in 2 years you are giving away $48,000

Features & Benefits

  • Max Loan Amount $498,000 (Pinellas, other counties check FHA limits).

  • 640+ Mid Credit Score (to avoid reserves)

  • 96.5% FHA + 3.5% Free/Grant Non Repayable

  • Collections under $2,000 no matter

  • Charge Off Collections no matter

  • Latest 2 Years W2s and latest 30 days paystubs

  • Latest 2 Years Tax Returns for self employed

  • Latest 2 months of bank statements

  • Housing Class takes 2 hours online

  • Up to 6% seller concessions

  • US Citizens, Residents, legal-residents with Green Card & DACA

  • County Income Limitation (per household):

  • Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco up to $128,800

  • Broward up to $122,640

  • Miami-Dade up to $128,800

  • Orange up to $126,560

  • Please, call us for any other county

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At Generation Mortgage Associates LLC , we partner with over 50 top lenders nationwide to find the best mortgage loan tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of your financial situation, credit history or income, we can secure a mortgage for you.

Our agents possess extensive expertise in the real estate market, staying ahead of trends and understanding property values. This enables them to offer you tailored, insightful guidance specific to your needs and goals.

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