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  • 20%-25% Down (Minimum FICO 660)
  • 9.99%
  • 5.5 Points
  • Interest Only Monthly
    • Payments
  • 1 Year Balloon Note
  • 6 Month Prepayment Penalty
    • (Borrower may repay at any time, but Lender is entitled to 6 full months of interest payments from payment commencement date)
  • Minimum 75% LTV
  • Standard Requirements:
    • Non Owner Occupied
    • Boundary Survey
    • Building Insurance Coverage equal to the loan amount (w/ Mortgagee Clause in the policy. May vary in requirements for fire/ wind/ flood/ builder’s risk based on property/ project)- APR 10.87%
    • Must close under an LLC company and personal guarantees, required.

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Here’s how you unlock profit with better processes:

  1. Hit the ground running with boots on the job from day 1. You should start your renovation plans long before closing.
  2. Build strong relationships by managing and paying contractors well. A good team of contractors is critical to repeat flipping.
  3. Don’t waste materials and tools; they’ll always come in handy later. Serial flippers have readily available tools and inventory to get the job done.
  4. Commit to quality rehab work to preserve and build your reputation. That’s how you get buyers under contract before the project is even completed.
  5. Be sure to include a marketing budget in your initial figures – in fact, check your numbers and check them again to make sure your project is on track financially.
  6. Recognize the critical role marketing plays in profit and resales.

When to Start Marketing for Resale

When is the right time to begin marketing to resell your flips? This can be one of the most contentious in the house flipping process. Even the experts are often split on when to start marketing properties for sale.

Realtors are normally decidedly for beginning active advertising and offering showings only after the property is 100% polished, cleaned, and even staged. Of course, this is in the agent’s favor as it theoretically makes it much easier to sell at top dollar. That means more profit and commission for real estate agents and house flippers.

However, every day that a property doesn’t sell bleeds money and profit because of mounting holding costs. Some savvy rehabbers choose to begin marketing the opportunity from day one of acquisition. Some may even market before that. The less you have to put in, and the less time it takes to resell, the lower the risk and the higher the profit potential. This may be the ideal scenario for the buyer in many cases. Some buyers would rather complete improvements to their tastes. This scenario is the exception rather than the rule, as most house flippers don’t want buyers on an active job site.

Have funding ready for your buyer!

Funding for an investment property is very different than funding for a primary residence. If you are selling a property to a real estate investor, always verify their source of funding before signing the contract. When investors need funding, is the only funding source where real estate investors can get matched with a private or hard money lender who compete to fund investment properties.

Listing Property with a Real Estate Agent

The right real estate agent can be an effective marketing partner. Several notable house flipping personalities from reality shows like ‘Flip This House’ use Realtors® to market and sell their properties. Other long time investors have launched their own real estate brokerages to sell their properties. Warren Buffett jumped into the brokerage scene with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. For the average investor, working with a local, knowledgeable agent can be a plus.

There are some downsides to listing properties with Realtors. Commission is a big one. You’ll have to decide for yourself what an agent’s service is worth or not. But there will always be those that will negotiate. Perhaps even more significant is the time factor. Some agents may try to lock you up with a 6 or 12 month listing agreement, with no guarantee it will sell during that period – and most flippers can’t afford that. Savvy flippers are trying to be in and out of deals in 60 to 90 days or less. Another factor here is how long you have on your loan term. If you only have a 6 month asset-based loan you absolutely have no business in signing a 12 month listing agreement.

There are upsides to working with agents –  such as access to the MLS (multiple listing service), a wider audience, and having a professional out there working for you. Just make sure you do the math carefully.

Some real estate investors choose to obtain their own real estate licenses. Again carefully do the math on the costs and time demands. And watch for legal restrictions on your investment activities.